Pressurized Urban Irrigation System

What is a Pressurized Urban Irrigation System or PUIS?

In 1993 several new laws were enacted that allow the Irrigation District to enter into a contract with a developer to construct a pressure urban irrigation system in new subdivisions. The system then becomes the property of the Irrigation District, and the Irrigation District will operate and maintain the system and all the water lines to the delivery valve in the individual lots. (The District does not operate and maintain private sprinkler systems in lawns and gardens). Nampa, Meridian and Boise have ordinances that require these systems in new subdivisions. When you purchase a new home be certain to ask about the availability of irrigation water.

General Information & NMID’s Role

FOR SAFETY’S SAKE: The water provided is for Irrigation Use Only!

FOR MAINTENANCE OR LINE LOCATION: Call (208) 466-0663 for questions concerning items such as pressure, leaks and design specifications or location of buried irrigation system main lines. Call at least 2 working days before you dig… IF YOU DO NOT CALL, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL DAMAGES!

FOR ASSESSMENTS AND WATER RIGHT INFORMATION: Call the Irrigation District office … (208) 466-7861 Fax: (208) 463-0092

BENEFITS TO THE URBAN WATER USERS: Within design limits, pressurized irrigation water is delivered between 40-60 psi (equivalent to the pressure of a municipal system). Home sprinkler systems should be designed not to exceed 5 to 7 gallons per minute per watering station. Debris is filtered from the water to 1/16 of an inch. The District suggests using sprinklers that accommodate 1/16 of an inch and larger, secondary filters should not be necessary.

Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District will perform all repairs to the main system, and the cost of those repairs will be included in the assessments for operation and maintenance of that system. Individual landowners will be responsible for their own sprinkler system, i.e. lawn and garden sprinklers.

Irrigation water can be scheduled for intermittent use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week depending upon need and supply. By spreading the usage across a 24 hour period, the pump station and use of irrigation water will be more efficient. Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District is responsible for equitable water allotment to the main system lines.

Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District will handle all the assessments and collections of funds for the operation and maintenance of the irrigation system. Your land may have water rights in another Irrigation District, if so, you will receive a tax notice from both; however, Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District is responsible for all pressure urban irrigation system issues.

The average cost to irrigate urban lots within our entire pressurized system is expected to be less expensive annually than a system, which relies totally on more expensive domestic water for its irrigation. At present time the approximate cost for the urban system is $90.00 per lot, based on a ¼ acre lot.

Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District has several years of experience operating pressurized urban irrigation systems. Depending upon availability of water, systems will turn on approximately 15 April and will shut down approximately the first week of October of each season.



District Water Superintendent,

Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District

Date: 7 May 2008

Re: Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District’s Responsibilities

Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District’s responsibility is to operate and maintain a pump station, the flow of water and a main line throughout the entire subdivision. In addition to this the District will maintain to the first valve off the main line.

It is then up to the individual homeowner to install a line which is easily disconnected from the District’s main three-quarter (¾”) valve with a union or some other type of device which will easily and quickly disconnect from Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District’s main line in order for any service/repair required on the main valve.

If the homeowner connects directly to this line with no easy way of being able to disconnect it, Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District employees are instructed to cut the homeowner’s line free from the District’s service. This allows the District to quickly make the repair thus keeping the down time for the pump to a minimum. This allows the District to serve the other taxpayers in the subdivision in a less costly and timelier manner.

This may require you to either do one of two things; hire a sprinkler irrigation company to come in to make the proper repairs or you, (the homeowner) must make the repair yourselves.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. If you wish to discuss the matter further please feel free to call the District Shop at (208) 466-0663.

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