NMID Seeks New Secretary/Treasurer

Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District, a diversified irrigation water delivery entity serving over 69,000 acres in Southwest Idaho is now seeking qualified applicants for the position of: Secretary/Treasurer of the District. We are looking for an experienced leader of our highly capable office staff who thrives on teamwork and strives for excellence. This position is supported by approximately fifteen personnel that include: an Administrative Assistant, an Assistant Treasurer and an Assistant Secretary. This job does not entail the management of our Field Operations. However, it does require a close working relationship with the Districts Water Superintendent, stationed at a different location. Our Secretary/Treasurer oversees the administrative activities, duties and responsibilities of an irrigation district in the State of Idaho, which include, but not limited to: assessing District landowners, managing payroll, paying claims, managing multiple insurance aspects, general accounting and financing aspects, managing Federal and State grants, social media and public relations venues, facilitating District Board meetings, attending
meetings and conferences and much more.

Some relevant knowledge, skills, abilities and qualifications that will help you acquire this fantastic job opportunity.
• Five years management experience, minimum.
• College Degree, Bachelors or higher preferred.
• Excellent writing, verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
• Proficient in Microsoft Office suite of software.
• Experience working in a water related sector.
• Understanding of relationships between governmental and non-governmental organizations relating to water in the State of Idaho.
• Proficient with reading and interpreting financial statements, accounting reports and spreadsheets.
• A good understanding of project management principles and the ability to effectively deliver projects in a timely manner.
• A good working knowledge of IT/GIS and the fundamental workings of related databases.
• Familiar with the conduct of governmental meetings, requirements of Idaho open meeting laws, Parliamentary procedures, Roberts Rules of Order.
• Able to read, comprehend, interpret and apply statutes and administrative rules.
• Public communication and presentation skills.
• Strong skills in managing human resource needs of an independent district. Including: payroll, wages, benefits, insurance, etcetera.
• Experience in working with Federal and State loan and grant programs.
• Be available by phone after hours and while out of town in case of emergencies.
• Have no interests real or perceived that either dilute effectiveness or create conflict of interest.

Salary will likely fall within the $140K-or greater range and will largely depend upon applicants experience and qualifications.

To apply, please submit your cover letter and resume no later than the close of business on July 1st, 2024 to: jobs@nmid.org