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    Refill Stipulation/Settlement Update as of 13 Aug 19

    Refill Status Update as of 14 Feb 19

    Idaho Supreme Court Postpones Hearing Arguments On Water Rights Dispute

    Irrigation Entities Petition for Rehearing

    Suez's Petition for Rehearing

    Memorandum In Support Of Respondents Petition for Rehearing

    SRBA - Refill Cases (Late Claims) - Decision

    SRBA - Refill Cases (Contested Case) - Decision

    Order Denying Motions to Alter or Amend

    SRBA Contested Case Ruling By IDWR Director Concerning The Matter Known As "Refill"

    Idaho Statesman 2015: Idaho Water Plan Will Adversely Affect Boise River System

    Decision Concerning The "Refill" Issue And The Pending Late Claims

    Who's My Legislator?

    2015 Refill Newsletter

    State Threatens to Diminish Treasure Valley Water Rights - "Basic Facts Regarding Refill"

    Nampa & Meridian Water Rights Threatened, News Release 2015

    Water Rights Changes Put Treasure Valley In Jeopardy

    Capital Press Refill Article

    Refill Article By Ridenbaugh Press 11 May 2015